Tag: Remove Terms

TaxoPress has a feature that allows you to remove terms from all posts. Unlike the “Delete terms” option, the terms will still exist on your site after the removal.

You will find this feature on the “Manage Terms” screen in TaxoPress.

Click here for more on the Remove Terms feature.

Add Auto Terms to Existing Content

TaxoPress Pro can automatically add terms to existing content. This allows you to add terms to content that was previously created without any current terms. Go to TaxoPress > Auto Terms.Either edit an existing setup or create a new Auto Terms setup.Choose the options you need and click “Save Auto Terms”. Click “Add Auto Terms […]

TaxoPress 3.0.3 is Now Available

TaxoPress 3.0.3 is now available for download on WordPress.org. As with the previous releases, we’re cleaning up the UI. We’re making some features easier to use and also showcasing hidden features that you might not have discovered in TaxoPress.