TaxoPress Has a New Terms Screen

TaxoPress 3.6 is available now with a new “Terms” screen. You can use this feature to manage and search all the terms on your site.

Normally, all your WordPress terms are scattered into different areas of the site. To manage your terms, you have to visit the “Tags”, “Categories”, “WooCommerce Product Categories”, and other screens individually. However, with the new TaxoPress, you only need to find the new “Terms” link in the “TaxoPress” admin menu:

TaxoPress Terms menu

This image below shows an example of the new “Terms” screen with terms associated with several different taxonomies.

TaxoPress Terms screen

This “Terms” screen is the first step that will allow us to build many new features for TaxoPress. For example, now that we have a central place to manage terms, we can start to build features such as those in the list below:

  • An advanced “Edit” screen for each term.
  • Meta fields that can be added to terms.
  • Synonyms, which will be the ability to use multiple names for each term.
  • Extra management tools, such as the ability to move a term from one taxonomy to another.

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