TaxoPress Gives You More Ways to Manage Terms

In the previous release of TaxoPress, which was version 3.6.0, we introduced a new “Terms” screen. You can use this feature to manage and search all the terms on your site.

In version 3.6.1, the Terms screen has several improvements, based on feedback from users. Here’s an overview of what’s new in TaxoPress.

Filters on the Terms Screen

On the Terms screen, you can now filter by post type, and by taxonomy. So you can find all terms attached to a particular post type or a specific taxonomy.

Filters on the TaxoPress Terms Screen

Move Terms to a New Taxonomy

On the Terms screen, you can use the “Quick Edit” feature to move a term from one taxonomy to another.

Move WordPress terms to a New Taxonomy

Support for Private Taxonomies

Many plugins use private taxonomies to organize content. WooCommerce is a great example: it uses private taxonomies for variations, product types and more. You can now browse all of the terms used for those private taxonomies.

Private Taxonomies on the TaxoPress Terms Screen

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