These posts have details of all the TaxoPress plugin updates, for both the Free and Pro version.

TaxoPress Now Integrates with OpenAI and IBM Watson

Over the last few months, we’ve been busy building integrations between the TaxoPress plugin and popular AI services. TaxoPress now supports both OpenAI and IBM Watson. You can use these services to find the best taxonomy terms for your content. Honestly, I’m amazed how good these services are. For a long time, TaxoPress supported Dandelion…

TaxoPress Pro Can Automatically Create Terms for All Your WordPress Content

TaxoPress Pro has a new feature which can analyze your content and automatically create new terms. This will be very useful for anyone who add a lot of content on their WordPress site. Let’s see an example of how this new feature works. I’ve created a new post, using the text from the “About Us”…

TaxoPress Pro Allows You to Add Terms on a Schedule

TaxoPress 3.4.2 is available now and it has some helpful improvements to the Auto Terms feature. Auto Terms can scan your content and automatically assign relevant terms. It can add relevant terms for Tags, Categories, WooCommerce Product Categories, or any other taxonomy you use. This image below shows how the Auto Terms feature works. The…

The Auto Terms Feature Has Huge Improvements in TaxoPress

TaxoPress 3.3 is available and it has significant upgrades to the “Auto Terms” feature. Auto Terms is now more powerful, and easier to use. What does Auto Terms do? It scans your posts and automatically assigns terms. This makes it much easier for you to add useful Tags, Categories, and other taxonomies to your content….