These posts have tutorials on how to use the TaxoPress plugin to organize, optimize, and showcase your site’s content.

How to Show WordPress Posts With a Specific Taxonomy Term

We had an interesting question from a TaxoPress user: “Do your plugins provide any method for displaying a list of posts assigned to a category?” For example, if you have 10 posts with the term “Fruit”, this feature would display those 10 posts. In this guide, I’ll introduce two plugins that can show posts with…

How to Choose Default Taxonomy Terms in WordPress

When you install a new WordPress site, there are two taxonomies (Categories and Tags) and one term (Uncategorized). Every WordPress post must have at least one category. By default, this required category is “Uncategorized”, but that name isn’t useful or relevant for most sites. So in this guide, we’ll show you how to replace “Uncategorized”….

What Characters Are Allowed in WordPress Taxonomy Terms?

Tags, Categories and other taxonomy terms are in important part of WordPress. They are the normal way to organize your WordPress content. However, terms are different from posts, media files, menus and other WordPress features. They have their own restrictions on what you can and can not do with them. This includes the characters you…