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Author: Steve Burge

TaxoPress 3.0.3 is Now Available

TaxoPress 3.0.3 is now available for download on WordPress.org. As with the previous releases, we’re cleaning up the UI. We’re making some features easier to use and also showcasing hidden features that you might not have discovered in TaxoPress.

TaxoPress 3.0.2 is Now Available

TaxoPress 3.0.2 is now available. This version has improved support for the Dandelion API. You can use this feature to suggest Tags based on your content. There are also improvements for the “Auto Terms” screen.

Welcome to TaxoPress (the new name of the Simple Tags plugin)

Simple Tags has been a popular WordPress plugin for over a decade. It is the the perfect tool to manage all your WordPress taxonomy terms. I’m delighted to say that our team has taken over running the plugin. Our team also run the plugins at PublishPress.com. We’ve given it a new name: TaxoPress. This is […]