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Author: Steve Burge

The Auto Terms Feature Has Huge Improvements in TaxoPress

TaxoPress 3.3 is available and it has significant upgrades to the “Auto Terms” feature. Auto Terms is now more powerful, and easier to use. What does Auto Terms do? It scans your posts and automatically assigns terms. This makes it much easier for you to add useful Tags, Categories, and other taxonomies to your content. […]

TaxoPress 3.2.2 Allows You to Add CSS to Terms

TaxoPress 3.2.2 is available now. The main feature is the ability to add CSS to your terms. You can add CSS directly to Terms Display, Related Posts, Terms for Current Post, and Auto Links features.

How to Show Tags on Posts and Pages

One TaxoPress user asked us if there was an easy way to show Tags on their WordPress post. Their theme did not automatically show the Tags on the posts. This is possible with the “Terms for Current Post” feature in TaxoPress. Your Tags (and other terms) can be shown in three ways:

How Many Levels of Sub-Categories Does WordPress Support?

One TaxoPress user asked us if there is a limit to the number of sub-categories they can create on their WordPress site. The simple answer is “No”. There is no technical limit to how deep your nested categories can go. In the image below, I’ve created 10 levels of categories:

TaxoPress 3.2 Has Big Improvements to Auto Links

Auto Links is one of the most popular features in TaxoPress. It can really help improve your site’s SEO and its content structure. Version 3.2 has major improvements to the Auto Links feature. You can set Auto Links to automatically create links to your defined terms. For example, if you set a term called “WordPress”, […]

How to Automatically Add Categories in WordPress

If you have a busy WordPress site, it can be difficult to organize all your content. Fortunately, with TaxoPress, there is a way to automatically add categories to posts. You can create the categories and then allow TaxoPress to add them to relevant posts.