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Author: Steve Burge

TaxoPress Has a New Terms Screen

TaxoPress 3.6 is available now with a new “Terms” screen. You can use this feature to manage and search all the terms on your site.

How to Automatically Add Terms to Imported WordPress Posts

TaxoPress Pro allows you to schedule the Auto Terms feature to run either hourly or daily. TaxoPress Pro users will see a “Schedule” tab, as you scan see in the screenshot below. This is really useful if you’re regularly importing new posts.

Auto Terms Can Now Analyze over 200,000 WordPress Posts

With the latest release of TaxoPress, we’ve tackled the most difficult problem yet: analyzing content on very large sites.

Several TaxoPress customers reported using Auto Terms to analyze 50,000 posts on a single site. One customer had over 100,000 posts, and the biggest site so far had over 200,000 posts!

TaxoPress Has New Auto Terms Features and a Log

We’ve had a lot of feedback on the Auto Terms feature in TaxoPress, so we’re working on improvements. Several of those upgrades are included in the latest TaxoPress release which is version 3.5.0. Here’s what’s new in TaxoPress 3.5.0.