Author: Steve Burge

How to Show WordPress Posts With a Specific Taxonomy Term

We had an interesting question from a TaxoPress user: “Does your plugin provide any method for displaying a list of posts assigned to a category?” For example, if you have 10 posts with the term “WordPress”, this feature would display those 10 posts. TaxoPress can’t do this yet, but there are many good plugins that […]

How to Use the Site Editor to Design WordPress Taxonomy Archives

I will be the first to admit that I’m a little behind with all the new features arriving in WordPress in “Full-Site Editing”, which is now called the “Site Editor”. This is the new direction inside WordPress which allows you to design your whole site using Gutenberg blocks.

What Characters Are Allowed in WordPress Taxonomy Terms?

Tags, Categories and other taxonomy terms are in important part of WordPress. They are the normal way to organize your WordPress content. However, terms are different from posts, media files, menus and other WordPress features. They have their own restrictions on what you can and can not do with them. This includes the characters you […]

The Tag Groups Plugin is Now Part of TaxoPress

We first launched TaxoPress because there was a gap in the market. There were no good WordPress plugins to help you organize and categorize your content. The only existing plugin I could find was called “Tag Groups” by a developer named Christoph Amthor. This was a really useful plugin that allows you to display and […]

How to Merge Similar Taxonomy Terms in WordPress

If you are running a WordPress site for a long time, it’s easy to end up with a lot of taxonomy terms. And many of your terms will have overlapping or duplicate meanings. For example, a website may have terms for “Blue”, “Aquamarine”, “Navy Blue”, and “Turquoise”. All of these words have very similar meanings. […]