Author: Steve Burge

How to Merge Similar Taxonomy Terms in WordPress

If you are running a WordPress site for a long time, it’s easy to end up with a lot of taxonomy terms. And many of your terms will have overlapping or duplicate meanings. For example, a website may have terms for “Blue”, “Aquamarine”, “Navy Blue”, and “Turquoise”. All of these words have very similar meanings. […]

Learn How to Organize Your WordPress Site with TaxoPress Videos

One of the most common requests we’ve had from TaxoPress users has been video guides. Yes, there’s a lot of TaxoPress documentation available, but many people are visual learners. So we’ve filmed a series of introductory videos to all the key TaxoPress features.

TaxoPress Has a New Terms Screen

TaxoPress 3.6 is available now with a new “Terms” screen. You can use this feature to manage and search all the terms on your site.